Learning takes place through different mediums. At times it is auditory, where learning takes place through listening to the lesson. Other times it is kinesthetic, where learning happens by doing. However, for most learners, when the lesson is visual it is easier to retain. For that purpose, Heart for Lebanon’s staff works on reaching people through the use of multiple mediums, especially focusing on the visual. 

Heart for Lebanon has a laundry initiative that gives the Family Outreach team the chance to sit down with people and teach them about the Lord. Women from different backgrounds (Lebanese, Syrian, and Kurdish) come to Heart for Lebanon’s Bekaa Hope Ministry Center to get their laundry washed since they have no access to a washing machine, water, or electricity. As they wait, our team is there to provide them with snacks and a spiritual meeting.

The laundry initiative was initiated during the difficult period that our country has been going through, from high living cost to the poor economic situation and the skyrocketing prices of basic needs. When these ladies were contacted about this new opportunity, they were overjoyed. They believed this was a blessing from God. 

Now, they come on Mondays and the Heart for Lebanon team prepares and helps. While the laundry is being washed, the ladies are watching the “Jesus” movie, and take part in discussions afterwards. They hear what God’s plan is for them and why Jesus died on the cross. 

Every few minutes the movie is paused and the story is discussed. This discussion often leads to deeper talks, where the scene is connected to the lives of the attendees making it more relevant to their needs, struggles, and daily decisions. At one time, the discussion led to the talk on modesty. The ladies where attentive and participative. The team spoke about how those who follow God should be modest in their apparel and conduct. Modesty starts in the heart before it is shown outwardly. How we dress reflects what is in the heart. 

The discussions include many topics including prayer, lifestyles, God’s fatherhood to those who believe, God’s will in personal life, and forgiveness among many others. The ladies had a lot to say, and their input was valuable as they have been attending other meetings. They agreed to what was taught and seen, they shared experiences, and had requests that are prayed for with the team

Farah, a Kurdish woman, said, “I thank God that He takes care of me in all of these circumstances and conditions. I lost my washing machine, and I can no longer wash but with my hands. This gave me back problems. I thank God that I found this wonderful solution.” 

Another Lebanese woman said, “I really thank God for providing us with this solution. We could not have done without.”

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