A Healing Hand

Fahed’s life took a tragic turn as he watched his home in Hama, Syria, get hit severely during the relentless war. The family had clung to their house throughout the conflict, drawing sustenance from the small piece of land they cultivated. One fateful night, the earth trembled, and the house shook violently. Fear gripped their hearts as they rushed outside, just in the nick of time. Moments after they fled, their house and their neighbor’s home collapsed.

With their world overturned, Fahed, his wife, and their children embarked on a perilous journey seeking safety and refuge. They found temporary shelter in the homes of relatives—first at an uncle’s house, then with their grandparents, navigating the complexities of war-driven displacement. Their cousins generously gathered funds to facilitate their escape to Lebanon, guiding them through treacherous mountain routes. Their destination was a relative’s home in Ghazieh, where they settled and made a fresh start. Fahed took to the fields, working hard from dawn till afternoon to provide for his family.

Each day the family toils tirelessly, including their 12-year-old son, Omar, who, despite his hearing loss, contributes significantly to their daily income. Yet, their earnings remain meager, struggling to cover their basic needs. Omar’s condition demands a visit to the doctor, a luxury they can’t afford. Additionally, Fahed’s daughters suffer from Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip, requiring urgent medical attention.

Their living conditions in Lebanon are dire being housed in a sweltering shipping container within a field. The scorching summer heat takes a toll on the children, leaving them sick and exhausted. Holes in the floor provide an entry for insects and rodents, leaving the family in a constant state of anxiety, with fears of snakes and scorpions adding to their daily hardships.

Fahed and his family arrived in Lebanon with nothing but the clothes on their backs, leaving behind their belongings in Syria. Their new abode lacks access to electricity, adding another layer of difficulty to their already challenging existence.

Fortunately, the “Heart for Lebanon” team reached out to Fahed’s family upon their arrival. They were registered, and monthly food provisions and detergent bags eased their burdens. When the team paid a return visit, which brought smiles to the faces of Fahed and his family, they expressed their gratitude for the consistent support and care, revealing the rarity of visitors in their lives.

Fahed’s wife, deeply appreciative of the food portions they received, said, “The food portion helps us throughout the month and lifts a great weight off our shoulders.” In their darkest hours, the simple act of visiting the family and bringing humanitarian aid represents a glimmer of hope and relief for this resilient family struggling to rebuild their lives in an unfamiliar land. Their story underscores the importance of empathy and assistance, especially in the face of dire circumstances.