A Heart Ignited by Jesus’ Love

Alaa, a kind and laid-back teen, quietly embraced the classroom norms and maintained a serene demeanor. Though soft-spoken, she displayed genuine sociability, effortlessly connecting with every student in the class. Her empathetic nature ensured she never made fun of or hurt her classmates’ feelings, creating a harmonious atmosphere within the classroom.

Two years ago, Alaa began attending the Hope Educational Center, a decision that would set her on a transformative path. Graduating this past June alongside her grade four peers, her heart had already been touched by the first spark of Jesus’ love during a school performance about Christmas. The account of Jesus’ birth profoundly moved her―the King of Kings born in a humble manger, leaving the splendor of the His heaven to take human form and sacrifice Himself for our sins.

As she immersed herself in this story, Alaa’s heart was full of understanding. “Jesus loves us beyond appearances and philosophical beliefs. He desires to rule over our hearts,” she shared with profound conviction.

In the classroom, the teacher’s customary question at the end of each Bible lesson, “What did you learn from the story?” became a powerful catalyst for Alaa’s response. Her desire to live her life for Jesus and follow His example grew stronger. She longed to demonstrate her love for everyone in her community through actions inspired by Jesus’ teachings.

Alaa’s devotion and eagerness to learn were evident in her readiness to recite verses from the Bible, a practice she embraced with joy. Winning a contest at the end of the academic year earned her a treasured gift―a Bible of her own, which further deepened her connection with God and reinforced her faith.

Two weeks after the graduation ceremony, the teacher received an unexpected call from Alaa. “My teacher, it’s Friday. I used to listen to wonderful Bible stories every Friday throughout this academic year. Now, I read from the Bible, the gift you gave me,” Alaa exclaimed with gratitude and warmth. “I miss the amazing stories you shared, showing Jesus’ love for every one of us. Now, I truly understand how to live my life according to His will and experience the joy He brings. I’m forever grateful for what I’ve learned. Reading the Bible helps me feel closer to God, establishing a connection to Him through His word.”

Alaa’s heart overflowed with the desire to share the transformative power of Jesus’ love with others. She cherished the question that used to be posed at the end of each lesson, “What did you learn from the story?” For Alaa, it was a revelation of the need for Jesus to reside in her heart, guiding her as her Savior. Her heart’s fervent desire was to go forth and share with everyone the boundless love Jesus had bestowed upon her.

In Alaa’s profound journey, she discovered that when love and faith intertwine, the soul is ignited with a divine fire. As she walks forth, sharing the love and teachings of Jesus, her light shines brightly, illuminating the hearts of all she touches with the transformative power of love, hope, and unwavering faith.

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