A New Path

Kadria’s transformative journey from Syria to Lebanon was a testament to her resilience amid numerous challenges. Faced with the ongoing conflict in her homeland, Kadria, along with her husband and four children, made the courageous decision to start afresh in Lebanon, leaving behind their entire lives. In Lebanon, the family confronted additional hardships when Kadria’s husband’s health deteriorated, rendering him unable to work. This pivotal moment thrust Kadria into the role of the sole provider for her family, compelling her and her children to labor in greenhouses to meet their basic needs.

Amidst these struggles, Kadria discovered Heart for Lebanon through the network of neighbors and friends. Coming from a non-Christian background, her knowledge of Christianity and the Bible was limited. The introduction to Heart for Lebanon became a spiritual turning point for Kadria, who had never contemplated matters of faith or the purpose of her life before. Engaging in regular Bible studies with Heart for Lebanon, Kadria’s heart and mind opened to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the stories of the Bible began to impact her on both a personal and spiritual level.

In addition to participating in Bible studies, Kadria devoted her Sundays to attending Hope Evangelical Church. Despite facing occasional harassment from her employers, she remained steadfast in her commitment, recognizing the spiritual nourishment it provided her. Astonishingly, Kadria not only attended the church but also contributed financially, despite her financial difficulties. When questioned about her motivation, she responded, “I love to help, and I have learned the value of giving more and more through the lessons I have attended. It’s important even if what I offer is very few.” She emphasized that giving transcends material assistance; it encompasses a spiritual dimension, evident in one’s interactions and support for others.

Reflecting on her spiritual journey, Kadria shared, “Attending Bible studies and church gives me inner comfort. I have acquired calmness and patience, and I have become less angry. Although my life has been difficult and negatively impacted for some time, I have found a new path and a new hope. I received great encouragement that created new hope in me through the team of Heart for Lebanon and the members of the church.”