A Signal for Change

Mirna’s journey began in Zahle, born into a Christian family with two brothers and loving parents who occasionally attended church. Her father, the owner of a stone factory, provided a comfortable life, enabling her to attend a prestigious private school. However, adversity struck when she was 10; her father faced financial ruin, losing all his possessions. Mirna had to leave her private school and enroll in a public one. At 15, she entered the workforce to support her education and personal needs.

After school, Mirna pursued accounting at college and later met her husband. Their combined income initially ensured financial stability. Yet, in 2019, the economic crisis in Lebanon unfolded, devaluing their salaries. To meet their needs, the couple took on additional jobs, working tirelessly to cover rent, school fees, and daily expenses.

Amid these challenges, Mirna learned about Heart for Lebanon’s monthly food assistance program. Grateful for the support, she registered as a beneficiary. Seeking a way to express her gratitude, she attended a church meeting at Hope Evangelical Church, albeit feeling uncomfortable initially. Despite sporadic attendance, a turning point occurred when she encountered a Bible verse on TV: “You are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13). The same verse was the focus of the sermon during her visit to Hope Evangelical Church, a sign she interpreted as a call for change.

Mirna, accompanied by her daughter, started attending church regularly, connecting with believers who affirmed the significance of the verse. Regular prayer sessions ensued, and as she consistently witnessed answers to her prayers, Mirna felt her life transforming. Dedication to the Lord led to the shedding of bad habits, and her husband noticed the positive changes. Encouraging him to join her at church, she now relies on daily Bible reading for spiritual nourishment.

Expressing her gratitude, Mirna thanked those working tirelessly to lead others to the Lord’s words. Her heartfelt prayer is for the church to remain strong and blessed, expanding its influence. As Mirna continues her spiritual journey, the plea resonates: “Please pray for me so that the Lord enlarges this seed of belief that has been planted in my soul. I have decided to follow Him, live for Him, and share His word with others.” 

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