Abdul and Hope on Wheels

It is really exciting and encouraging to hear the parents in the Tent Settlements we serve talking about the behavioral changes in their children’s lives. These children are not part of our educational program in the Bekaa or the South, but they have had the opportunity to attend the Hope on Wheels (HOW) fun truck activities.

In one settlement in the Bekaa we have a very special friend that we visit often.  Abdul, 8-years-old, has special needs and for months he would hit the other children and the leaders during the program.  The other children did not want to play with him because of these actions. The HOW Team encouraged him to stay even though it was a struggle to keep the program running smoothly and to take care of this child’s needs.

During the last visit to that camp our Team realized that Abdul was a bit different. He was sitting, smiling, and listening attentively. He even wanted to sit in the lap of one of our visitors during the program. This change in behavior can really only be contributed to one thing – the power of God. Whether to Abdul directly or to those around him that are able to interact with Abdul in a more compassionate way, God’s love is working in his life.

The idea that God has entrusted us to do this kind of ministry for years gets us up each morning enthusiastic to continue! As long as this door is open we are going to share the love of Jesus Christ through this unique ministry. Just the idea that we are partnering with God to do His work is fulfilling for each and every one of our Team members.

Our Team leader, Joseph, says it best: “What’s most exciting for me personally is that I know that these young leaders we are training at Heart for Lebanon will one day lead the change inside Syria. I think we have many challenges as a Team, like breaking the old beliefs held because of tradition. Our biggest need is the very limited resources we have for this ministry.”


Thank you for praying for our Hope on Wheels Ministry – a ministry built on providing at-risk children in Lebanon the opportunity to know the love of Jesus Christ through games, interactive Bible storytelling, puppets, health education, character trait training, and other educational opportunities.
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