Ahmad’s Story of Faith Podcast

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“Hear from Ahmad, a man from Syria who was desperate to find help for his son suffering from a serious medical condition. As a refugee, Ahmad tried every available option to get the finances to pay for the surgery needed to help his son.

When he came to Heart for Lebanon seeking financial help, he did not find what he was looking for – he found something much greater. Through prayer Ahmad’s journey of hope began. Seeing the prayers of the Heart for Lebanon team being answered for his son, Ahmad began praying and believing in Jesus.

Today Ahmad is a devout follower of Christ, introducing Him to all who will listen. Ahmad leads a Bible study and is eager to help anyone, any way he can, because of the help he has received.

Heart for Lebanon exists to make disciples. Ahmad is now a disciple who is making other disciples thanks to your prayers and support!

To pray for Ahmad and others we serve, consider signing up for our monthly Prayer Points email at heartforlebanon.org/prayer

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