Always Fruitful

Rajaa, born in the Hauran region of Syria, was the youngest among her ten siblings. Her father’s work cultivating owned lands provided the family with a comfortable life. After completing her studies in a public school, Rajaa pursued further education in Damascus, completing a comprehensive law program over five years.

During this time she met Imad who was visiting Syria from Lebanon. A deep connection formed between them, leading to their marriage and relocation to Lebanon. Imad operated a meat shop, supporting their family. In 1999, they welcomed their first daughter, Rita, followed by another daughter, Maria, in 2001.

Years later, both daughters worked temporarily as waitresses in a restaurant. Rita’s encounter with a member of the Hope Evangelical Church led to her attending a youth gathering, where she found happiness in Biblical teachings. Excited, she shared her experience with her mother, Rajaa.

Two church representatives invited Rajaa to join the church’s Bible study, which she eagerly accepted. She diligently took notes during gatherings, reflecting on their significance at home. After accepting Christ Jesus as her Savior, and upon learning about new discipleship classes, Rajaa registered and fully engaged in the program, demonstrating commitment and growth. After completing the program, she publicly declared her faith through baptism. “I am now saved, and I have become a disciple of Jesus. Now, I want the world to know about my faith,” she said. 

Expressing her desire to volunteer in visitations, Rajaa actively participates in frequent visits. She also attends leadership meetings, gaining insights into effective leadership rooted in Biblical principles.

She humbly expressed her gratitude, stating, “I am genuinely thankful for the leadership classes, as they have equipped me with strength and wisdom from the words of the Lord in the Bible, enabling me to serve Him more effectively.”

We ask for prayers for Rajaa, that God may continue to use her as a devoted servant and true soldier in His service.