An Opportunity To Help

Just over eight years ago, war erupted in Syria, and started what has become the worst humanitarian disaster since World War II.  As a result, over 11 million people have been displaced, forced to flee their homes. Nearly two million of those displaced have settled in Lebanon, and for years, they have been waiting… they live day-to-day struggling to survive.  They dream of the day when they can return home. They wait… without the hope of a God who loves them, or the knowledge of purpose in their suffering.

We, as followers of Christ, have an amazing opportunity in the midst of their waiting!  We have the opportunity to provide refuge. To unconditionally and holistically serve them as they wait out this horrific storm.  In providing for their physical needs, helping to educate their children, we show them kindness and dignity and are able to build relationships that lead to the discovery of truth.  Today, Heart for Lebanon hosts 1,683, mostly Muslim-background men and women, in regular bible study, weekly worship gatherings with over 500 adults in attendance, and thousands of children experiencing and learning about the love of Christ through children’s programs and education. If you have ever partnered and supported Heart for Lebanon, your story and the story of these families are connected.

Families are experiencing refuge, people are finding purpose in their season of waiting.  They are being prepared for a day when their dream of returning home becomes a reality, and on that day, they will return home as followers of Christ equipped to lead their community, rebuild their country, and to spread the message of hope in Christ. God is moving in powerful ways in the midst of this tragic storm, there is so much opportunity, so many people who need refuge.

With the completion of our new Hope Center in the Bekaa Valley, we will have the infrastructure in place to more than double the number of people we serve over the next 12- 24 months. Imagine the impact over 12,000 people equipped and mobilized as disciples of Jesus will have on the Middle East. The scope of their ministry will be generational.  Their waiting will have had great purpose… eternal purpose.

To our amazing partners, thank you for investing in this incredible movement of God to bring hope in a hopeless place.  For others taking time to read this, we invite you to engage in an unprecedented opportunity to join the work God is doing in the lives of the people who are living in desperate situations.

Your financial investment will help us train people to reach some of the darkest places of this world. Click here to help!

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