Book Recommendations

We are often asked what books we recommend on refugees.  Below is a list that, while definitely is not complete, is a good starting point.  If you have a favorite book about refugees please let us know so we can consider adding it to our list.  

A few places in the Bible that talk about refugees are…

The Book of Exodus by Moses is one.
The Jewish people flee to the desert to escape enslavement in Egypt. 

The Book of Esther

The Book of Matthew
where Mary and Joseph run away with baby Jesus after King Herod orders the slaughter of all male infants. Since their escape involved flight across a national border, we can easily say that Jesus met the contemporary International Convention’s definition of a refugee.

“Religion and Forced Migration” by David Hollenbach.
Very much worth the read.

A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah


The Making of The Modern Refugee  (Oxford, 2013) Peter Gatrell 

When Giving Hurts by Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett.
This book will help you properly think through your response to the refugee crisis as well as other crisis. 

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