Build them Up

In southern Lebanon many families reside in ancient houses; remnants of a bygone era that predates the civil war and the subsequent displacement that transpired four decades ago. These architectural relics, bearing the scars of time and neglect, stand as witnesses to a history etched with tales of endurance. Among these structures is the home of Nazih Saab, a Lebanese military retiree, where his family of six faces the challenges of a residence plagued with corrosion and water leakage.

Nazih, toiling as a farmer, relies on the annual olive season not only to secure the family’s sustenance but also to meet the demands of bills and debts. His ancestral home, carrying the corrosive touch of erosion, had long exhibited signs of distress―cracks on the walls, leaks that trickled down, and a slow descent into disrepair. This year brought forth a calamity that necessitated immediate attention. A portion of the ceiling in the kitchen fell in, prompting Nazih to allocate a significant portion of his meager olive oil revenue to try to repair the roof. Despite his efforts, the vulnerability persisted, threatening yet another partial collapse.

The distressing situation caught the attention of Heart for Lebanon. Our Family Care team, having learned of Nazih’s plight, inspected the house and witnessed firsthand the dire need for immediate maintenance. A subsequent visit by maintenance experts further emphasized the urgency of intervention.

Upon a thorough evaluation of the house, Heart for Lebanon swiftly approved Nazih’s inclusion in our Home Maintenance program. Skilled hands meticulously filled the cracks that marred the walls and a protective layer of waterproofing material was applied to the entire roof. In a bid to fortify against future calamities, anti-rust primer coated the metal rods in the roof and the entire exterior of the house received a fresh coat of paint.

After a rainstorm swept through the region, Heart for Lebanon reached out to Nazih to ensure the family’s well-being and assess the resilience of their home. In a voice laden with gratitude, Nazih expressed, “For the first time in a long while, our house didn’t leak water when it rained. We feel safe this winter. Thank you so much.” 

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