Leadership Litmus Lesson

By Will Cunningham Do you remember the movie “The Dirty Dozen”? It was based on the true story of a specialized group of Paratroopers called “The Filthy 13” which centered around a man by the name of Jake McNiece who was, along with others in his unit, getting in trouble for something. They were called the Filthy 13 because they never cleaned their uniforms and only washed themselves once a week. They were all chosen…

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Calling, Care, or Curse

By Will Cunningham In the last 3 months of this new year, I have had the fortune to sit with several pastors to hear their hearts toward the ministries God has them in. Some have noted how hard it has been over the last couple of years, repositioning themselves in a pandemic and post-pandemic world. Their concern: the sheep have scattered, congregation attendance is down, online attendance is up, and budget is being met, yet…

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Making it thru Madness

By Will Cunningham Madness! There is no other word that comes to mind.  When defined, it either means “…extremely foolish behavior…” or “…a state of chaotic activity…” or in some cases “…a state of mental illness…” You don’t have to go back to far to recount some of the madness: In 2019 the political polarization was ponderous with political parties arguing over who should be leading our country, with massive finger pointing and criminal accusations…

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Mission Possible

Have you ever wondered how our astronauts control those multi-million-dollar space crafts we send into outer space?  It may not be as complicated as you think. First there must be a plan for space flight, the purpose of the mission if you will.  Then the astronauts are chosen and undergo intense training.  By the time their selection and training is complete, the Central Control Station (Mission Control) has already laid out a space flight pattern…

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Keeping Focus

By Will Cunningham When I was 8 years old, I remember coming out of the Dentist office, filled with joy.  I was so happy because I had just talked my dentist out of one of those dreadful "Novocain" shots (I still hate those things).  He reluctantly dismissed me from this very needed visit, and I gladly walked out the door; strutting of course, with a sense of pride.  I thought I was on top of…

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