Christ-Centered Legacy Planning

We often hear this “I wish I could do more to help you reach children and their families in Lebanon with the Gospel, however, financially we cannot right now.” One of the most overlooked ways to make a significant financial investment is through your will or trust.

We can help you, along with our partner Financial Planning Ministries, to be a wise steward of God’s resources and protect your entire family in the process. You can leave a legacy of generosity and make the Gospel available for years to come.

Heart for Lebanon has partnered with Financial Planning Ministry to provide Biblical Estate Planning free of charge to our friends and partners. It’s been discovered that approximately 60% of Christians do not have a will or trust. As part of our generosity back to you, and to provide our friends and partners with the tools to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to them, we make this free, confidential estate planning service available to them.

Financial Planning Ministry is an ECFA accredited, non-profit ministry and through our partnership they will provide the preparation of will or trust documents (approved in all 50 States) at no charge or obligation to include Heart for Lebanon in your plans. We do encourage people to include their place of worship.

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Develop and explore ways that will help change lives today and transform communities tomorrow.

Reaching people who are open to the Gospel but have never heard the Gospel in Lebanon might sound like a daunting task. One way you to help make a signifignt legacy investment through your will or trust. Your generosity will live and make an impact for years to come. It is not difficult, nor does it take a lot of time.

Heart for Lebanon has partnered with Financial Planning Ministry to explain simple, practical steps on how you can leave a biblical legacy of generosity and a Kingdom impact. When you attend the free webinar, you will learn how easy it is to reach more people with the Gospel than you ever through possible.

Upcoming Estate Planning Events​

September 24, 7pm

“The financial content provided here by Heart for Lebanon is educational in nature. Heart for Lebanon is not offering professional tax, legal, or accounting advice. For specific advice about the effect of any planning concept on your tax or financial situation or with your estate, please consult a qualified professional advisor.”