Church to Church Partnership

“You are no longer strangers or foreigners, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of the household of God.”

Ephesians 2:19

Walking with Christians in other nations, like Lebanon, can enhance the life, faith, and witness of your church. God’s mission invites us to join hands with your church and to walk this journey together as companions.

Years ago Heart for Lebanon took a big step. The people we were serving were asking this question, “What’s after Bible Studies?” 

In the Fall of 2017, Hope Evangelical Church was founded in the Bekaa and soon after in the South of Lebanon, in Ghazieh. Both churches are designed to focus primarily on developing Muslim Background Believers (MBB) to be disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Both churches are growing with an active and vibrant congregation of followers. As they disciple men & women, we have seen many sisters and brothers with the gift of leadership. In order to develop this gifting, we have developed a 3 year environment called the Missional Leadership Development program. Training men & women who are totally sold out ambassadors for Jesus Christ so that where ever God places them in the future, they can be used by God to build His Church. These churches, like your church, is key to the mission and Great Commission to “make disciples”. 

Which leads me to this question… Does your church desire to feel connected to the work God is doing through Heart for Lebanons Hope Evangelical Churches in a church-to-church partnership? 

Are you ready for your church to have an eternal impact beyond your four walls or even your city, state, or nation? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to invest your influence while also being influenced. If so, I would encourage you to consider pursuing our unique Church-to-Church Partnership!

A Church-to-Church Partnership is a missional connection between your church and one of our Hope Evangelical churches located in Lebanon. One of our Hope Evangelical Churches could become your “sister” church. 

Be praying now as to which one of our Hope Evangelical Church’s you should partner with. 

Each one of our Hope Evangelical Churches has the following programs: 

1) Sunday Morning Service

2) Discipleship – Ethnic Group Worship Service

3) Discipleship – Bible Study

4) Discipleship & Baptism Classes – Baptism 

5) Discipleship – Sunday School Classes

6) Youth Ministry & Discipleship

7) Prayer Meetings

8) Pastoral Care Visits

9) Special Services (Christmas, Easter, New Year), 

10)Camps and Retreats

11) Practices compassion to those in need. 

Our church-to-church partnership helps to fulfill a variety of purposes in the life of the churches involved, as I outline here.


Partners encourage one another.

  • Regularly pray for one another
  • Develop ongoing relationships between partner churches 
  • Create opportunities to listen to and learn from each other 


Partners meet each other’s needs by… 

  • Sharing talent, knowledge which includes making people and resources available to one another
  • Sharing treasures, which includes your church considering how you can invest in the needs for your “sister” church 


Partners work together on mission.

  • Church-to-Church partnerships involve the whole congregation as connections are made between leaders and others within your church
  • Churches in partnership seek engagement through impact trips, learning experiences, and other service opportunities


1. Consider the region God is calling you partner in.

2. Send me an email with your questions and comments at

3. I will reach out to you and be your point of contact to set up a phone or Zoom meeting to assist in building a Church-to-Church partnership.

Thank you for allowing us to take this journey with you. 

Together we are better. 


Heart for Lebanon, Co-Founder

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