Education At All Ages

Every September we like to refocus on education. It makes sense with classes starting back for our H.O.P.E. students. But this year we’re directing our attention to a different category of learning – adult education.

It’s an area where we work a lot but don’t talk about very much. Mutual excitement arises in hearing about a child’s first day back in the classroom. But where is the enthusiasm for the mother who, for the first time in her life, is learning a trade skill to provide for her family?

It is truly exciting to witness the transformation taking place in women’s lives who realize that they are capable of more. Here’s what we mean…

At 30 years old, Zahida found herself living in a refugee settlement in Lebanon with her family struggling to survive.  She is from Syria and comes from a Kurdish background. Seven years ago, she was forced to flee her home due to the war in her community. When Heart for Lebanon announced the creation of a women’s sewing skills class, she was one of the first to register.  What happened over the next several months transformed her life and the life of her family.

“I am so excited by the way my sewing skills improved, but I am more excited about how my spiritual life developed by attending the women’s Bible study during the sewing sessions.

Learning sewing is giving me the opportunity to be a worker for the first time in my life.  I leave everything to come here on Wednesdays, and when I go back home I keep on practicing what I have learned,” said Zahida.

The discovery of Christ’s immeasurable love for her has brought both joy and purpose to Zahida’s life.  So much so, that upon seeing the transformation in her life, Zahida’s husband also gave his life to Christ!

The reality for Zahida is that while in Lebanon she has the ability to provide for her family which brings back dignity. But even more than that, when she is able to return to Syria she will return as a follower of Christ, equipped to help serve and lead others into a relationship with Jesus. You have helped equip her to do that, and for that we thank you!

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