Engage With Us

Heart for Lebanon is an Accredited Charity (since 2006)
One decision can last for eternity – will you chose to engage with us?
  • By sending us your prayer requests to prayer@HeartforLebanon.org
  • Helping a family of six with Family care and Education www.heartforlebanon.org/sustaininghope
  • Make a financial investment at www.heartforlebanon.org
  • Land address P.O. Box 1294, Black Mountain NC 28778
  • Join our community on:
    • facebook.com/HeartForLebanon
    • instagram.com/HeartforLebanon
    • twitter.com/HeartforLebanon
  • Text Refugees to 555-888 to receive special content and real time information.
  • To call our office: 828-505-8432.
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