Environments for Children-at-Risk

God has given us two environments to educate children-at-risk in Lebanon. What do we mean by “at-risk”? An at-risk child means they are in a situation where something detrimental to their future is likely to lead to a life of despair and anguish. 

At the core of Heart for Lebanon’s two environments for children is our ongoing devotion to prevention. 

Our H.O.P.E Program (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) allows us to reach children with solid academic and spiritual education. This lifts them out of the cycle of poverty and marginalization. Most of the children we serve have been out of school for years or have never been to school at all making them prime targets for radical groups. 

By learning basic Arabic, English, math, science, health awareness, and keeping a focus on Biblical character development Heart for Lebanon is preventing a life cycle of pressures to engage in immoral activities, the feeling of insignificance, and the activities that come from feeling that they don’t matter. And by including leadership skill training we are preparing these kids to lead future generations in a Christ-like way. 

Our Hope on Wheels environment allows us to reach thousands of children on a consistent basis every month where they live – in the tent communities. This is a mobile “Fun Truck” ministry that offers children the opportunity to play and learn. When the “Fun Truck” arrives, it pulls out a stage and sets up an area for the children to gather. They see skits, learn and sing songs, understand lessons taught from puppet shows, play games, become aware of basic health principles, and other educational opportunities. The core of our ministry is the Bible story time that is taught through puppets, skits, and our team produced videos. 

Our Hope on Wheels ministry also includes a sports program and Bible club groups that are able to spend more time with a smaller group of children and teenagers, going deeper into discipleship. 

The goal in both environments is leading each child from a life of despair to hope – Hope in Jesus Christ. 

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