Exceptional Things Happen When We Pray!

Lebanon has decided to prolong a total lockdown of the country until February 8th to stem an unprecedented rise in coronavirus cases and as an effort to protect its collapsing health sector.  This total lockdown has been like no other lockdown the country has witnessed to date. There are severe consequences if you break the curfews, if you use your car without prior approval, and if you don’t have a receipt from the pharmacy or the grocery store that are the allowed trips.

So, what does Heart For Lebanon do in such a strict unprecedented lockdown?  

First, we prayed and sought God’s wisdom. This is not an exercise we do because we’re a faith-based organization. We pray because we believe that prayer can do the impossible. 

Second, we called our prayer partners to pray with us and the results of this fervent prayer is felt each and every day and here is what those prayers have accomplished!

As I write this blog, (February 25th) we have asked the government for blanket permission to operate our family care initiative as an essential Humanitarian Aid program. Because of the prayers of many, the diligent hard work of our team, and with the integrity of our ministry, we have been given permission to operate every day in a limited manner.

When you have an exceptional team that’s willing to be flexible and jump in at a moment’s notice, the result is – everyone on our beneficiary list has been given physical hope during this lockdown.  We’ve also been sharing spiritual hope through our virtual Bible study meetings  and our virtual church services. We have been able to continue our H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Program virtually, and believe it or not, even our Hope on Wheels ministry has been able to continue – virtually.

Please continue to pray for the nation of Lebanon, our team, and for continued permission to distribute essentials for these families in need.

Thank you so very much for praying and for caring.

Together we are better

Heart for Lebanon 

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