By Camille Melki, CEO

April marks the 6-month stretch to get our new Hope Ministry Center – Bekaa completed and ready for dedication on October 27, 2019. Construction workers are in full force; each crew working overtime to complete their tasks properly and on time. In fact, we celebrate that we are ahead of schedule and on target budget-wise. We have a lot to be grateful for.   

This next 6-month stretch is a delicate period. We are no longer talking about concrete pillars, cement blocks, large room partitioning… instead, we are working on colors of paints, classroom decorations, hall-way designs, wall animation, dormitory furnishing and more. These are exciting times; times to see the entire Center coming together nicely and ready for ministry.

Throughout our 4-year Capital campaign, we kept reminding ourselves that this project is not about bricks and mortar but about those who will be served and cared for at our Hope Ministry Center. Facilities are not the end result. Facilities are there to facilitate ministry opportunities and to enhance relational engagements with those who enter through our doors.

Our Hope Ministry Center – Bekaa is gearing up for the big celebration. 6 months from now, we will celebrate the increased capacity in our Educational Programs, Bible Studies, Sunday School classes, Discipleship Programs, and Worship Gatherings. Many more ministries will expand their reach to families in great need.

Our Center will provide a safe educational environment for children at risk. 250 children will be granted the opportunity to read and write for the first time in their lives. They will also be taught Biblically-based Character Traits for their spiritual and emotional formation. Refugee children of all ages will have a place to play and learn in a safe and welcoming environment.

The ever-growing Worship Gathering community will greatly benefit from the completion of the new Hope Ministry Center. More rooms for children and adult Sunday School classes, more space for Sunday morning worshipers, additional space for evening Bible Study groups will all be made possible in few months from now. In house facility for Baptism will be a great addition to our ministry. We have a lot to be grateful for.

Facilities are meant to facilitate ministry opportunities! We believe this new Center will do just that. Because of your investment, ministry opportunities and relational engagements will be greatly enhanced. Thank you for your role in making this Hope Ministry Center a possibility. On October 27, together, we will celebrate God’s generous provision. We will celebrate new beginnings and multiplied ministry opportunities. We have a lot to be grateful for! And on October 27, we will publicly and joyfully express that gratitude to our Risen Lord!  

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