Faith-Defining Environments

That’s what sets Heart for Lebanon apart.  You might know that Heart for Lebanon is a non-denominational Christian organization.  But what you might NOT know is that we focus on creating faith-defining environments.

What does that mean?

A faith-defining environment is a setting where we serve those living in poverty with a compassionate heart to point ultimately to Jesus Christ.

We give families in Lebanon, that come from a Muslim background, the chance to know God as their heavenly Father and to grow in their relationship with Him.  What we’re most proud of is the fact that we do our ministry unconditionally and in a holistic manner.

The environments we create draw people (mostly refugees from Syria) into conversations. The fact that these conversations are on-going is key to our ministry.  It stems from a team member who cares about the individual family and the story of why they came to Lebanon.  It continues when the team member shares their personal story of the difference Jesus made in their life.  Through the story and the example of serving as Jesus would serve, the refugees can begin to see the love of Christ for themselves.

At some point, when the time is right, our team invites them to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s not a formula or a process but a natural progression in conversation that guides people to Him.

People listen to someone they trust – and that’s usually someone who is familiar with their culture (someone who walks their walk, talks their talk, understands their thinking, and lives their battles with them).

This isn’t new. When Jesus, the greatest story teller and listener of all time, wanted to reach Samaritans He did not “hold a crusade” or “hand out a track”.  Instead He reached out to a Samaritan woman and sent her to be His voice to her own people. The Bible says, “Many of them believed in Him because of the woman’s testimony” (John 4:39).

Today we rejoice for the 1, 301 refugees in our Bible Studies and 190 refugees in our Worship Gatherings each week!  We are helping thousands of Muslim-Born-Believers prepare for life when they go back home.  Our dream is to have them become the new mission force in Syria, recreating faith-defining environments, so that others may know Him.

You can help create faith-defining environments by getting involved with Heart for Lebanon’s ministry.
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