Firdaws’ Story

by James Ward, Executive Director

I was on a zoom (video) call recently with some of our leadership team from Lebanon. The purpose of the call was to talk about updates on our response to COVID-19, changes to the situation on the ground, and discuss the unique challenges we are facing in-country.  Early in the call Milad, our ministry coordinator in Southern Lebanon, shared this story of a lady named Firdaws, and her mother.  

Firdaws is a Kurdish woman who fled to Lebanon with some of her family to escape the horrors of war in her community.  Upon arriving in Lebanon, she was introduced to the Heart for Lebanon staff who showed her love, offered care, and shared with her the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  A little over six months ago Firdaws became a follower of Jesus Christ.  Fearful of how her family would respond, and what the repercussions of her decision to follow Jesus may be, she kept her decision a secret from her family. 

Several weeks ago, Firdaws’ mother became ill during the COVID-19 pandemic in Lebanon.  When Firdaws heard of her mother’s illness she responded immediately and brought her mother into her home to care for her.  Firdaws faithfully cared for her mother, provided for her needs, and boldly prayed that God would heal her mother.  Miraculously God answered her prayer and healed her mother.  After being healed, Firdaws’ mother asked her why she would bring her into her home and care for her in such a kind way.  Firdaws boldly and courageously responded that she is now a follower of Jesus Christ, and she shared the Gospel with her Muslim mother.  Firdaws’ mother responded by placing her faith in Jesus Christ and accepting him as her Savior.  

This story of transformation and bold faith is an incredible testimony to how God is using the Heart for Lebanon staff to fulfill our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We celebrate with you, as a partner in the Gospel, the incredible ways God is moving in the midst of great tragedy and despair.  God is using your prayers and financial investments to make stories like Firdaws’ possible.  

Over the last several months we have expanded our reach to hundreds of new families that are in need of intentional discipleship. We believe many of these men, women, and children will become disciple-makers capable of transforming the Middle East for Jesus Christ.

In the articles to follow we have highlighted several prayer and investment opportunities for you to help lead people from despair to hope. Will you prayerfully consider investing into this unprecedented opportunity to disciple these families?

Your financial investment of $29/month, or a one-time investment of $174, will help “sustain hope” for a family like Firdaws, creating the opportunity for ongoing physical care and discipleship ministry to a family of six.

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