God Gave Me Talents

“My children love the “Hope on Wheels” programs. They are attached to each and every activity. When they come home, they narrate the stories they hear at the Hope on Wheels Club, telling me what they did and learned. I am happy because they are learning about Jesus. A while ago, I was worried about my children because they were facing many difficulties at their school. My husband and I decided to change their school. We have searched a lot for a school, but the tuition was very expensive. Our salaries are low; I work as a hairdresser and my husband works as a motorcycle mechanic. I was very sad and worried, but later I remembered that I must rely on God and put everything in His hands. I prayed a lot and cried. After a few days, we found a suitable school and my children were enrolled. I will always pray for them to succeed in their new school and face no troubles.” Toline said.

Havand is Toline’s son and he is 13 years old who participates at the Hope on Wheels Club in Bekaa. “At the Club, I learned to start my prayer by praising, thanking, and glorifying God. I have learned about God’s great love. I heard this sentence and it caught my attention; God does not hate the sinner, but he hates sin. God loves and accepts everyone—even sinners. 

Even if people reject us, God accepts us. I love the story of Daniel, who was thrown into the den of lions and nothing happened to him because his heart was with God. This story taught me to trust God, constantly pray, and follow Him. In addition, it taught me that no matter how big and hard the circumstances are, God will save and help us to overcome them. I also love the story of Jonah. Through it, I have learned to obey God and listen to his word. No one can hide from God; He knows everything about us. God loves us and he will forgive us when we come back to him,” Havand said. 

“At the club, I have learned many important lessons. There, I learned that I am beautiful, special, precious, and talented. I thought that I had no talents, but I had discovered that God gave everyone several gifts. I have a talent for playing the buzuq, repairing motorcycles, and taking care of plants.” he concluded.

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