God’s Ways are Always Amazing

God’s plans are always perfect… His timing is amazing!

Early in October 2016, Heart for Lebanon ventured into a 3-year capital campaign to build our Hope Ministry Center in the Bekaa Valley. The construction progress on this 54,000 square foot facility is on time as well as the funding.  Twenty months into the campaign we celebrate that we are 55% funded and more than half of the project has been built. This is exciting! 

What is more exciting is that we at Heart for Lebanon have already set Sunday October 27, 2019 as dedication date for the Hope Ministry Center – Bekaa. This is the day we have set aside to celebrate the goodness and graciousness of God’s provision and the generosity of His people. But who would have known that God’s plans are different? Though we will still hold the opening ceremony on Sunday October 27, 2019, we have added a day of prayer and thanksgiving on Saturday September 22, 2018. This date is set to celebrate the completion of the Fellowship Hall. God’s plans are always perfect, His timing is amazing!

Parallel to the general construction plans, our contractors are scrambling to complete the Fellowship Hall by June 30, 2018. This is 15 months ahead of schedule. Our relational engagement strategy has enabled us to further our spiritual formation and we have seen amazing growth in our Bible Study attendance as well as at our Worship Gatherings. We have no space at our current rented locations to accommodate this growth. What an amazing problem to have!

In the next few weeks, contractors will work speedily to complete the warehouse, the fellowship hall, the distribution center, and the service facilities related to this part of the Center. Such an accomplishment will enable us to use sections of the Hope Ministry center 15 months ahead of schedule. Now this is REALLY EXCITING! Soon after, this part of the Hope Ministry Center will receive and serve refugees in need for basic humanitarian aid so they can sustain life. The fellowship hall will be open to extend conversations and grow relationships; Discipleship programs and Worship Gatherings will be conducted from our new Hope Ministry Center – Bekaa.

In few weeks, part of our Hope Ministry Center will be open for ministry. This is Amazing!

Pray with us as we push hard on the building and to raise the necessary $800,000.00 needed in 2018 to meet this ambitious target. Don’t forget to set September 22 as a day of prayer. Whether you are in Lebanon or any place else in the world, Heart for Lebanon team invites you to join us (in person or remotely) in prayers and thanksgiving for what God has done in and through our midst. Join us in giving thanks to the Great I Am, to the God of great plans and amazing timing!

Updates available on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page and by texting the word Refugees to 555-888

Camille Melki

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