He Fills My Cup

George Raya is a Lebanese who was born in Zahle in the neighborhood of Barbara to a family consisting of a mother, father, 6 sisters, and 2 brothers. His father had a small factory for processing animal skin into leather, suitable for making clothes and shoes. His mother was a homemaker. The family’s financial situation was acceptable, although his father had a large responsibility towards his family and his younger sisters, as their parents passed away at a young age. However, his father always tried to make sure that nothing was lacking for them.

George attended a public school and was very happy there, being popular among his classmates and achieving good grades. However, when he was in seventh grade, the civil war started, and the family had to flee to Beirut for six months. When they returned to Zahle, George couldn’t continue his education because he had to work and help his father after the collapse of the economy in Lebanon due to the war. His father was diagnosed with cancer in 1989 and underwent many treatments before passing away two years later.

After his father’s death, George took over the business, but a customer gave him a fake check for a large order, which led to the closure of the factory since the business went bankrupt. He then sought help from his married siblings to buy a car with a taxi license plate, and he became a taxi driver. Once, while visiting his aunt’s house, he was introduced to their neighbor’s daughter, Fadia El Khoury. After a period of acquaintance, they got married in 1992 and were blessed with two sons, Michel and Elias, forming a harmonious and beautiful family.

In 2019, the economy in Lebanon began to deteriorate, affecting George’s taxi business. Once, one of the beneficiaries of a food aid program implemented by Heart for Lebanon asked him to drive them to the organization’s building to collect their rations. After a while, George decided to register himself at the organization’s office because he was in need. He started receiving aid every month. Eventually, a team from the Heart for Lebanon visited him and introduced him to Jesus Christ and His redemptive work on the cross, inviting him to attend Bible study meetings. He was deeply moved by their teachings and decided to attend the meetings regularly. This was a new experience for him, as he had never heard detailed sermons before.

George reflected on his upbringing in a Christian family and his lack of knowledge about the Bible, which motivated him to continue attending the Bible study meetings. He was astonished by the pleasant way in which he was greeted, as well as the loving aura that was present at all times. He became more and more interested, asking many questions, and the facilitator always provided answers from the Bible. He also got enrolled in the Discipleship Program which is also initiated by Heart for Lebanon. Through these studies, he developed a strong biblical understanding.

George said, “My prayer is that the ministry flourishes more and more and that the Lord pours out His blessings on it, and many people come and listen. My prayer also is that God always gives you strength. Many things have changed in my life, and the Holy Spirit deals with me in a way that always brings me to tears for every sin I commit.”

Please pray for George to grow more and more in the Word of the Lord, and for his family to come to know the Lord and become His children.