Heart for Lebanon’s Endowment Fund

by Tom Atema

The Heart for Lebanon’s Endowment Fund is to provide support for our ministry work in Lebanon, especially in the area of Missional Leadership Development.  The financial support this Endowment Fund will provide is above and beyond the programs supported through the yearly operating budget.

This fund provides ways and structures for financial investors who have the desire to help Heart for Lebanon accomplish its mission of making disciples* through charitable giving that is consistent with their own, and Heart for Lebanon’s mission and purpose to extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

Today, many in the Missional Leadership Development program are leading small groups and discipling others in homes across Southern Lebanon. This fund will allow these groups to expand and multiply.  The men and women who are accepted into this program may also receive Family Care items, enrollment in the H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Program for their children, and their children may be part of Hope on Wheels Activities. These men and women will be part of our relational engagement environments – Bible Studies and Worship Gatherings.

Annually, the Financial Committee meets to recommend to the Board of Directors the distribution (if any) to be made from the Endowment Fund. The principle of the Endowment Fund cannot be used, so just the interest is used for funding. There is no obligation to make distributions from the Endowment Fund in any given year. The Endowment Fund is not intended for normal operating budgeted expenditures or additional programs of Heart for Lebanon. Its intended purpose is to be used for Heart for Lebanon’s Missional Leadership Development Program(s).  No administration or fundraising cost are taken out and every dollar given goes 100% into this fund.

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*Heart for Lebanon’s definition of a disciple:  “One who is a follower of Jesus Christ and is becoming increasingly more like Him, does life in community with others, helps others, and is sharing their faith.”