Heart for Lebanon’s Path for Reaching Refugees for Jesus

The pyramid above shows you the road map Heart for Lebanon is using to stay focused on our mission and vision. As a non-denominational Christian organization we believe that creating faith-defining environments that give under resourced families and children in Lebanon the chance to encounter God and grow spiritually is of utmost importance.

While the Syrian refugees are in Lebanon as temporary guests, Heart for Lebanon’s Outreach Family Care starts with meeting the physical needs of each refugee family to sustain life in a hostile environment.  Our Children-at-Risk environment allows us to reach children with solid academic and spiritual education through the H.O.P.E (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Program. The Hope On Wheels environment allows us to reach many children right where they live – inside the tent settlements – on a consistent basis.  These access ministries (Level 1) allow us to build trust and create relationships with the people we serve (Level 2).  Both are done unconditional and holistic.

What follows soon after is a personal invitation to join a Bible study environment (Level 3). This environment is where we talk about relationships, peace building, reconciliation, dignity, respect, and many more life topics from a biblical perspective. Many refugees come to faith in Jesus Christ and most of them desire to join one of our two Worship Gatherings (Level 4). It’s in this environment that we encourage them to deepen their faith. Each person can begin to discover and use their gifts, talents, and pray for one another.

Out of this group of discipled believers we are building a new community of servant leaders (Level 5). Converts from Islam, new believers in Christ as their personal savior, are leading others to believe in Him and are discipled to grow in their faith and to follow Jesus with humility and integrity.  Heart for Lebanon is committed to help equip these community leaders from within the refugee population who will lead their respective families and communities into a brighter future for Syria. Heart for Lebanon’s commitment is to raise up new communities of faith; loving, caring, forgiving communities lead by Godly leaders.  Someday they will return to Syria with God-like character and the skills necessary to help rebuild Syria as Biblical servant leaders.

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