Holistic Family Ministry

Ferr’s family is one of the Kurdish families that was persecuted by the religious Islamic groups in their home land.  He, his wife Fadel, and their five children had to flee from Afrin, Syria to Lebanon under very dangerous circumstances to escape violence, terrorism, and abuse.

“Life was unbearable there. They destroyed our houses and village…” Ferr told us with a broken voice when we met him.

His family walked for many nights hoping that the darkness would protect them from meeting with fighters until they reached the Lebanese border.

The family settled in the Bekaa Valley where they heard from their Kurdish neighbors about Heart for Lebanon’s Bible studies for Kurdish families.  They were curious to come and see what it was all about.

Ferr’s wife, Fadel said,“We did not know Jesus, maybe I heard about Him twice in my entire life.” Then he added, “From the first time, the Word of God grabbed our attention and it had a powerful effect on us.”

From the first time they attended a passion in them grew to the point where they committed their lives to Jesus. “Maybe we had to flee our homeland and come here to meet Him. Within our nation no one knows Him” said Fadel.

The couple mentioned also how thankful they are to God and to Heart for Lebanon, who through your prayers and financial investments, are able to support this new Christian family with Family Care, which is making their life in exile more tolerable. Their dignity is being restored.

“It would have been impossible for us to survive here without the support of your Team who is serving us so professionally on many levels” said Ferr.

Every refugee family we reach with Family Care allows us to share the hope of Jesus Christ. Thank you for sending the Gospel out to people like Ferr and his family.  To invest in the lives of more families, give here.

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