Hope Through The Winter

Hassan fled with his family to Lebanon when the shelling destroyed their Syrian village.“We have been displaced more than 7 times before finally settling in the Bekaa Valley” he shared. The last displacement was the hardest one because they had to move to another area in very bad weather conditions.  The family is now living in a small tent with no electricity. The coming winter months are going to be very hard on his wife and children.

“Despite all these problems, we feel valuable because of the way Heart for Lebanon is treating us” said Hassan.

Through our Relief & Community Care program, Heart for Lebanon is able to support 1,800 refugee families each month, with items to sustain their lives. Each item is given on an unconditional basis (meaning the refugees don’t already have to be Christian to receive these items). Giving out the supplemental food and hygiene supplies unconditionally also gives us access to their lives, allows us to hold conversations with them, and help them heal from psychological and emotional scars through relational engagement. After a trust-worthy relationship has been built, we introduce Jesus to meet their spiritual needs.

Standing with families affected by the wars in Syria and Iraq is not always easy, and at times can be messy, but the rewards of serving faithfully and unconditionally are tremendous.

With each refugee in mind, I invite you to consider partnering with us this year–end as we seek to make available much needed winterization items (blankets, stoves, winter clothing, etc.).  Become a Hope Through the Winter Ambassador by financially investing $75.00 per month for three months. This will help a family of 6 stay warm and allow us the opportunity to continue the conversation.

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