How Do We Pray for Children Over the Summer?

By John Crump

As summer approaches, one reality in the United States and Lebanon is that children will be out of their regular school routines and schedules. While this break for students is helpful, it can also present some challenges. Heart for Lebanon’s Children-at-Risk initiative is designed to bring hope to children who face extreme challenges, especially during the summer when resources and encouragement are less consistent while school is out. We are calling the summer of 2024 a “Summer of Hope” and our Children-at-Risk team is making plans to be a vehicle of that hope for the children we serve. Whether it is through our sports programs, our clubs (similar to backyard Bible clubs you might find in the USA), or our Hope on Wheels programs, we plan to be a great source of hope for children and their families. As great as all of these programs can be, however, there is another needed element that each of you can help us with:  PRAYER.

How should we pray for children during the summer? One way to approach prayer this summer is this: New Season, New Prayer Focus. Let the change of seasons refocus us on praying for God to accomplish things that can uniquely happen during the summer. Author John Piper said, “Summer is for seeing and savoring Christ”. Pray that the children and families that we serve, above all, would see Jesus in a new way and want to know Him better. Pray that our Children at Risk team would be uniquely equipped to love and serve children and families in a way that brings a greater understanding of the Hope of Jesus.

In a 2020 article on praying for our children (, author Sam Crabtree said this, “Wise parents pray AS children”. We might amend that to say, wise adults start praying for children during the summer months by praying AS children. In other words, we remember that God is our Father and that He cares for us just as we care for the children around us. So, we might start by asking ourselves, “What do I see God providing for me right now”? We might say things like, food, shelter, love, encouragement, friendship, and many other possible things. Then we begin praying for those things to be provided for children at risk both in Lebanon and around the world. When our Children at Risk team helps meet some of these types of needs our prayer is that it will bring HOPE to the children and families that we serve. Please pray with us that God will bring this hope through our efforts!

One unique opportunity that happens during the summer is that we can actually connect with and reach children who are not attending our H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Program during the school year. Pray that God would help us bring His love, care, and compassion to these children and their families while we have the opportunity.

Finally, pray with us that many of the children and families we serve will get to know Jesus better through our efforts. Pray that they might take steps of faith that can not only change their lives in the present, but change the trajectory of their families for the future! Thank you for joining us in prayer for our “Summer of Hope” in 2024!