The Middle East in general, and Lebanon in particular, is a region where violence and hatred suppress all efforts for community development and economic growth. With a majority Muslim population with acute economic struggles, the Middle East region is a fertile ground for increased radicalism. One third of the population has not heard the name Jesus before. Many unreached sub-ethic groups have never been exposed to the Gospel. Hatred and wars are causing many to question their religion and the role of religious figures who call for violence and revenge. Unanswered questions are leaving a vacuum that can easily be filled by further radicalism.

Heart for Lebanon was created in 2006 in turbulent times, similar to what we are experiencing now. We are passionate to help lead people from despair to hope in Christ. In short, we exist to make disciples. With a unconditional, holistic approach to show the love of Christ, our Family Care ministry is meeting people’s needs through humanitarian aid and care packages which lead to developing a level of trust that allows for the “Jesus conversations” to begin.”