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I never thought I would live to see the day when Christians in the USA would have enough money and an incentive from our government to complete the Great Commission. 

Sound impossible? Well it’s not!

Five Trillion dollars has been entrusted to the current generation of Christians in the USA. This amount is more than enough to fund the completion of the Great Commission. Right now this unprecedented wealth has started to be transferred to the next generation. What is interesting is that this amount of wealth, God has entrusted to this generation of Followers of Jesus Christ, can be invested to fulfill the Great Commission without or with very little change to one’s lifestyle. A good percentage of this wealth is in the hands of evangelical Christians – who have been blessed. So the first question is, since God owns it, it’s being transferred to who and for what purpose?

On top of that I am sure you have heard of the CARES ACT in part because it was and is part of our government’s response to the impact of COVID-19 which has been devastating on people and business across America. 

In 2020 the US government created a new income tax charitable deduction under the CARES Act, which was then extended into 2021. As a result, charitable gifts made in cash, to a regular public charity, before the end of 2021 (“qualified donations”) are deductible up to the full amount of your total Adjusted Gross Income, reduced only by any charitable deductions you are already taking. In other words, you can literally choose to give money to charities instead of paying Federal income taxes this year. For those of us who, as Christ followers, have a passion for helping others financially, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Depending upon where you live, you may still owe some state income tax. But even in a high-tax state like California there is a 50% deduction for charitable giving so most donors will pay no more than 5% in state income taxes on the strategies discussed in the attached brochure.

Specifically check out the CARES Act section. This is an unprecedented opportunity, and I have never seen anything like this from our government in my life time. So if you are thinking about making a special investment in support of our mission in 2021 now is your time to make a legacy investment.
You can access this brochure by clicking here.

It’s always good to check with your tax advisor first because Heart for Lebanon is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other financial professional services. 

Legacy Planning

A Christ-centered financial plan helps you wisely steward what the Lord has entrusted to you. Biblical generosity produces, “the fruit that increases to your credit” (Philippians 4:17 ESV), so you can effectively accomplish what God leads you to do on earth while laying up treasures in heaven. This is the process of building a Godly legacy.

A legacy plan starts with “today” and extends beyond your lifetime as your resources are used to help Heart for Lebanon lead people from despair to hope – Hope in Jesus Christ. 

Investing More than you’ve ever dreamed possible – for longer then you ever dreamed possible. 

Heart for Lebanon continues to move forward with our mission of “Making Disciples”. Its happening today and every day, Hope is being restored – disciples are developing other disciples  – building a new kind of indigenous mission team- this is becoming a catalytic movement. 

Heart for Lebanon in partnership with the National Christian Foundation has prepared a e-brochure that offers resources to help you with your tax planning. 

When you click this link you will discover some investing incentives.

I am sure you will want to learn more about some of these ideas that you might want to use to help us with our new Missional Leadership Endowment Fund. 

Through the generosity of a few investors Heart for Lebanon was able to start our Missional Leadership Endowment Fund that will enable us to train disciples way beyond our life time. This is the tip of our mission spear; to take a few men and women who, no matter what their background, have come to faith in Jesus Christ, are showing some leadership skills, are already naturally and passionately sharing their faith, are growing in their personal faith, and focused on reaching their heart language people no matter where God sends them in the future.

With your help, it’s our prayer that our Missional Leadership Development Program will become our first self-funded program. 

For sure we are living in a truly unique time in American history.

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