Ishtar and Amir Meet Jesus

Like many other children, Amir and Ishtar have come to know Jesus, becoming close to him and accepting him as their savior and Lord. Jesus has profoundly changed their lives for the better. Amir and Ishtar, originally from Syria, came to Lebanon due to the conflict-ridden circumstances and the war in their homeland. They currently live in Zahle, Bekaa, along with their mother and sister, Suhad.

About two years ago, our Children-at-Risk team visited them and invited them to the programs. They felt joy and enthusiasm, and have been attending the programs ever since.

“Through the programs, my brother and I acquired knowledge of the Bible and became familiar with most of the characters like Joseph, Abraham, Moses, Job, and Esther. We truly enjoy and love to hear the word of God and stories from the Bible, from which we have learned numerous lessons and values. I’ve learned from David’s story that sin begets sin. King David committed many sins. He even made a mistake in his thinking by loving a married woman, lying to her husband, and then planning to kill him. However, in the end, he repented and realized his mistake. We all make mistakes, and that’s why Jesus died; to wash away our sins and save us.

In the club, I learned how to pray and express gratitude to God for everything. I also learned that every person is unique and that God endowed each of us with gifts and talents that are different from those of others. I love discussions and questions about Bible stories. I get excited every time and I love to participate.

My brother and I discuss some of the stories and lessons we learn in the club at home and we read them in the Bible. My mother always asks us what we learned there, and we tell her.” Ishtar said.

Ishtar’s words reflect her experience in learning the Bible, her spiritual growth, her confidence, and the deep faith she feels in God’s mercy and guidance. She said that her favorite chapter is Psalm 1, in which she learned to apply God’s word, walk on His path, and be like the fruitful tree.

“My life has changed, including my thoughts, behavior, and actions. I used to get angry often, shout, and argue with others. I became calm and learned to love others since God is love.” Ishtar expressed happily.

When the team asked Ishtar about her goal in life, she answered that she wanted to serve in Sunday school and tell children about Jesus when she grew up. As Amir said, his dream in life is to become a pilot, visit countries, and spread God’s word. He wants to travel around the world and tell people about Jesus.

“I have learned from the parable of the sower that the sower is Jesus and the seed is the word of God. We should listen to the gospel, understand and believe in it, and share it with others.” Amir shared with the team his favorite story from the Gospel and the story that had the most impact on him.

“One of my favorite stories from the Bible is the story of Job. The devil took everything from him, but he remained close to God and prayed. I have learned that the devil fights against the believer who loves God. So, we must always follow God no matter what we face and we must pray with faith. Furthermore, the story of Jesus’ crucifixion has had the most impact on me. He was tortured and died on the cross. When I first heard the story, I was surprised and didn’t understand why He was crucified. I didn’t know much about Jesus at that time. Now I know that He died to save us from our sins and I believe in Him. Like everyone, I make mistakes, but I pray for God to forgive me and help me overcome my weaknesses. I will share a personal experience that is important to me. I used to feel envy and jealousy, and it was a great challenge for me to get rid of this sin. But I started thinking about the things I own instead of focusing on what others have. I also prayed and asked God to help me get rid of this sin,” Amir exclaimed.