Journey of Hope Podcast

By Elio Constantine

Jesus used parables. We are using podcasts.

Journey of Hope is Heart for Lebanon’s podcast, a key ministry platform of The Middle East Center for Justice and Missions. Each episode is designed to tell the story of moving people from despair to hope. Just as Jesus told stories in parables for people at the time to understand, we’re using podcasting to tell the story in ways we are familiar with today. “Journey of Hope” will give you the chance to listen in on conversations with ministry and field experts talking about different ways people are served in the country of Lebanon, how to ensure the effectiveness of this work, and most exciting of all, you will listen to firsthand stories of change and discipleship.

In-depth Exploration of Ministry in the Middle East: Go beyond the first layer of talking about ministry. “Journey of Hope” engages in deeper understanding of ministry in such a unique place in our world. Exploring the historical, ethnic, and cultural contexts of Lebanon and the region.

Meaningful Conversations: Each interview will feature ministry and field experts fully immersed in the work of ministry with Heart for Lebanon, as well as firsthand stories of individuals and families impacted by the love of Christ.

Universal Application: Biblical principles are universal and practical. Find out how Heart for Lebanon’s holistic approach to ministry can be put into practice in your own community anywhere in the world.

Interactive Format: “Journey of hope” encourages dialogue and conversations. Feel free to reach out to us with questions and thoughts on:

“Journey of Hope” is a platform to advocate for Justice in a place so desperately in need of it. Not the punitive approach to justice you might think of, Biblical justice seeks restoration and reconciliation to repair the harm done. Not to punish the offender, but build right relationships between individuals and communities. (Leviticus 24:17-22)

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