Help Restore Hope This Winter

Help Restore Hope This Winter

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Our goal is to provide winterization kits to 1,420 families. Many who are victims of the current conflict. Winters in Lebanon can be harsh and most of the families we are serving don’t have electricity, heat, or winter clothes.  Each investment of $79 helps us bring a family of 6 (average) diesel fuel, blankets, rain ponchos, and winter boots to help them survive the harsh winter months.  More importantly, these kits will be delivered in Jesus’ name and open the door for a relationship where our team can share the Gospel. Leading them from despair to hope – Hope in Jesus Christ. 

Each winterization package contains….

4 blankets
2 adult winter coats
2 children winter coats
2 adult winter hats
2 children winter hats
2 adult scarfs
2 children scarfs
4 pairs of adult socks
4 pairs of children socks

Your financial investment allows us to deliver hope, unconditionally, to children and their families affected by the multiple crises in Lebanon. Your financial investment will be used to help us start the process of reaching children and their families with items to sustain life and the Hope of the Gospel.
If you choose monthly investing you help us sustain a child and family month after month by providing emergency food & hygiene support, education, health care, Bible studies, discipleship development for children & families in crisis in Lebanon.
Together, lives will be changed, and communities transformed.

Core Ministry Expenses $18,743,417 86%
Administration $1,832,721 7%
Fundraising $1,599,136 7%

Administration – 7%
Core Ministries – 86%
Fundraising – 7%