Missional Leadership Development

The top of our ministry pyramid (found below) is Missional Leadership Development. Our mantra is to lead people from despair to hope therefore, our ministry’s ultimate goal is to disciple men and women who are prepared to disciple others. In order to do so, we work diligently on preparing leaders who are after God’s own heart; servant missional leaders.

For discipleship to be reproducible, leadership development is essential. Heart for Lebanon is committed to raise up a new generation of leaders who are equipped and capable to lead in good times and in times of crisis.

We believe that when leadership development is connected to someone’s spiritual formation that person’s values will change. When a person has a new set of values their life is transformed. 

Change will initially modify a behavior; however, transformation will only happen when a person modifies their values. Then desires change, then behaviors change, and then life transformation takes place.

We believe that transformation happens when a person’s desire to live their new life replaces the desire of their old life. This can only happen when a person’s values have shifted which drives your desires to shift and you are now your behaviors are made new. We believe these Missional Leaders will have a servant’s heart. 

When properly trained they will fill the leadership void in Lebanon, and the Middle East, thus changing the trajectory of the many current crises in the region.

As you look at this pyramid it is worth noting that Tiers 1, 2, 3, and 4 are where and when Heart for Lebanon is serving others. Tier 5 is where and when Heart for Lebanon is training and equipping Missional Leaders to serve others. (Serving others can and is taking place at Tier 3 and 4 as well.)

This is something we celebrate as the servant leadership model of Heart for Lebanon is to exemplify it’s influence and stewardship for others to do the same.