Missional Leadership Development

by Tom Atema

Recently Heart for Lebanon launched its first training sessions for a Missional Leadership program. The Heart for Lebanon Team has been working on this program to create content that fits the needs of new comers to Christ in the locations where we serve. 

Around 70 participants, in both the south of Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley, have been gathering to attend the training. The training began with three guest speakers (friends and partners to Heart for Lebanon) who each spoke about tackling Leadership in a different way. 

“I want to thank Heart for Lebanon Team, the guests that came all the way to Lebanon during these times, and everyone who worked hard for this training to happen. I want to thank my brothers in Christ from the bottom of my heart and the church which is my second home, especially when I’m tired and weary. Thank you, Heart for Lebanon, for restoring our dignity and moving us from despair to Hope through Jesus Christ.” 

A message sent by a Church, Bible Study & Leadership Program Attendee

We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to teach a new generation of Believers in the Middle East how to lead with a servant heart and Biblical character traits.

Our Objective: To develop leaders after God’s own heart.

Our Purpose: To develop leaders as disciples of Jesus Christ to serve the communities they live in, in a Christ-like manner.

Our Target Audience: Followers of Jesus Christ who have shown leadership qualities, a teachable spirit, and servant-like characteristics.

Our Methodology: We teach from ‘Context to Content’ (click here for more information on this) and the curriculum Is being built on a 3-pillar foundation. 

  1. Biblical Foundation – 21 lessons 
  2. Character Formation – 10 lessons 
  3. Life Skill Development – 10 lessons 

We have two groups in training, one in the South and one in the Bekaa. We strive to teach one lesson a week but we will be moving at the pace of our Missional Leadership Development program participants. Each class is around 3 hours in length.

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