Mothers in all cultures are most proud when their children succeed.

A mother of four students in our H.O.P.E. Educational Program was very proud of her children’s grades and thanked every teacher for his/her care. She said “my kids are obsessed with studying, when they first come home after school, they eat and directly go to study. I have never seen them so committed, they have never been absent from school since the beginning of the year, and during holidays they are sad wishing that it was a school day”.

Another mom said: “Some people come here with “help” and they put masks on their faces because they don’t like the smell that we have in the camp. In opposite you come without anything. Thanks for your caring for our kids.”

One mom shared that her sister is a teacher living in another region. When she saw the progress her daughter was making especially in the English language she was very surprised. She recorded a video of them singing worship songs in English and showed it to her students at her school. She also mentioned that her daughters are teaching their little sister at home how to read and write”.

“Rahaf was always sad and afraid of everything because she lived a part of the war in Syria and she experienced the loss of her brother to whom she was very attached. She also suffered from nightmares, but because of the teacher’s care and support to her she is getting much better. Now Rahaf is a new person, she is always happy, she loves to go to school and has never been absent since the beginning of the year. She is very attached to her teachers and to Jesus who became her best friend. He gave her new hope, and she always shares stories of Jesus with a huge happiness with her family and other people”.

“I am very impressed with the change in my children in the educational and the spiritual level. My son Sajed prayed to Jesus when his father was in jail and he dreamed that Jesus told him: “Don’t be afraid, tomorrow your father will be free“, and that’s what happened the next day”.

“I have nothing in this unfair world other than my two kids, they are my support and I want them to be very successful in life, to protect me, and protect themselves. I believe that education is their weapon.” She added that all the students in the tent camp gather together every day after school in a tent and study together.

God has placed us here for such a time as this. We are praying for more doors to be open because we know that nothing is impossible with Him.

Will you pray with us and financially invest as much as you can?
We are in need of $200,000.00 by September 1, 2017.

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