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Hope not Fear

Here in Lebanon there has been much talk recently, both in the media and in the political sectors, about the need to force Syrian refugees to return to their homeland. The Lebanese army, stating security concerns, has issued an eviction notice for 40,000 Syrians to leave their tent settlements in the Bekaa Valley in a week’s time. This eviction notice has been postponed before. But this time, it seems that the army is standing firm…

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Heart for Lebanon Awarded 4-Star Rating

This summer Heart for Lebanon was awarded a coveted 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for sound fiscal management and a proven commitment to accountability and transparency.

 As recent national disasters and world crises have shaped the news, there is an unprecedented demand from donors for greater accountability, transparency, and quantifiable results from the charities you choose to support.  In this competitive philanthropic marketplace, Charity Navigator highlights the fine work of efficient, ethical, and transparent charities.…

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People Are Our Most Appreciable Asset

We understand that this statement may not be the norm in faith-based organizations.  Nevertheless, it is a true statement in business and, as a faith-based organization, most of what a faith-based organization possesses goes down in value. Facilities deteriorate, equipment becomes out of date, supplies get used up, etc. - you get the picture. What asset has the greatest potential for actually going up in value? People! People are of tremendous value to God; after…

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Network news is reporting that Syrians living in Lebanon are returning home to Syria. While the news makes this sound like hundreds or even thousands have returned the fact is that very few have returned. Not enough to make a difference in Lebanon. Please keep in mind that… Lebanon has the highest number of Syrian refugees per capita of any nation in the world. In Lebanon, Syrian refugees do not receive refugee status therefore they…

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This is a time of both unparalleled need and an unprecedented opportunity. There is no one organization that bears the entire responsibility alone. Heart for Lebanon’s response as a faith-based organization is: We are doing for 3,000 what we wish we could do for 6,000. The crisis around the Syrian civil war has shaken our conscience with images of innocent men, women, and children suffering from the devastation within their own country, while living and…

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At Heart for Lebanon, our Health Awareness Program teaches students important, practical, personal, and community health skills. However, these programs extend much further by affirming both Biblical character values and transformation in Jesus Christ. For example, students recently participated in a recycling project that taught the Biblical value of stewardship. In class, they learned about how much trash each person produces a day, they multiplied by the number of days in a year and the…

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Mothers in all cultures are most proud when their children succeed. A mother of four students in our H.O.P.E. Educational Program was very proud of her children’s grades and thanked every teacher for his/her care. She said “my kids are obsessed with studying, when they first come home after school, they eat and directly go to study. I have never seen them so committed, they have never been absent from school since the beginning of…

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This is a guest blog written by Karen Springs of Orphan’s Promise on her first Vision Trip with Heart for Lebanon. From the third-row pew, I sit taking in the scene. A children’s choir gathering on risers in the front of the church. A collection of pre-teen girls fixing their hair as they prepare to play the hand bells, and a group of grade schoolers practicing their rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on their…

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When life doesn’t give you the answer of hope, you can find the answer in Jesus Christ’s resurrection. If you look at the plight of refugees in Lebanon, strictly from politics or the humanitarian side, there is little to no hope. Where there is no hope people will soon perish. Where there is no hope, life becomes dark, without energy, little desire to make life better; simply put, there is no life. This is fertile…

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