No Matter Where I Will Serve

(Missional Leadership – Bekaa)

Siham’s journey from war-torn Syria to a new life in Lebanon was one filled with challenges, resilience, and ultimately, transformation. As the conflict raged on in her homeland, Siham made the difficult decision to leave behind everything she knew and embark on a journey to seek safety and stability for her family. With her four children in tow, she arrived in Lebanon, a country itself grappling with complexities.

Among her children, one daughter found solace and purpose in teaching alongside the Heart for Lebanon staff in the Bekaa Valley. This connection not only provided her daughter with a means to contribute positively to their new community but also led Siham to become indirectly involved in the activities of the organization. Through her daughter’s involvement, Siham found herself drawn into the world of Bible studies and church meetings.

Siham’s upbringing had introduced her to Christianity, but it had remained a surface-level affiliation. She had never truly delved into the depths, nor had she profoundly contemplated her life’s purpose. These matters had remained vague and unexplored, much like the uncertain circumstances that had brought her to Lebanon. However, her encounters with the Heart for Lebanon community marked a turning point in her spiritual journey.

Regularly attending Bible study sessions opened Siham’s heart and mind to the teachings of Jesus Christ in a profound manner. The stories, lessons, and principles found in the Bible began to resonate with her on a personal level. It was during these moments of introspection that Siham started to grasp the purpose in life: find salvation in Christ and live for Him. 

The transformative process accelerated when she became a participant in the Missional Leadership sessions. Guided by experienced mentors and faith leaders, Siham was encouraged to reflect upon her beliefs, values, and experiences. These sessions provided her with a safe space to voice her questions, doubts, and hopes. Through guided discussions and shared insights, Siham’s spiritual understanding evolved from a nominal connection to an authentic and meaningful relationship with Jesus.

August 2023 marked a significant milestone for Siham and her family. – they had been accepted to immigrate to Australia. As her time in Lebanon drew to a close, Siham found herself on the final day of the leadership training program. The atmosphere was charged with a mix of gratitude, reflection, and a sense of accomplishment. Siham stood before her fellow participants and mentors, her voice steady yet filled with emotion, as she shared the depths of her transformation.

“I stand before you today, forever changed,” Siham began. “My journey from Syria to Lebanon has been a challenging one, but it was through this journey that I found a path to Jesus and my purpose in Him. The Bible, once a collection of stories, has become a guiding light in my life. Through your guidance and the wisdom shared in these walls, I have come to understand what it truly means to be a follower of Christ.”

Siham’s words carried the weight of her personal growth, and her gratitude flowed freely. “I am not the same person who once arrived here. The teachings, the discussions, the bonds we’ve formed―they have all shaped me into someone who now knows the Lord God of heaven personally. I am ready to share the profound lessons I’ve learned with others and to carry this light forward.”

Her eyes scanned the room, meeting the gaze of each person who had played a part in her transformation. “I am thankful to the pastor, the Heart for Lebanon team, and every leader who stood with me on this journey. Your dedication, compassion, and wisdom have left an indelible mark on my heart. My faith is stronger, my purpose clearer, and my heart full of gratitude to the Lord and all of you.”

As Siham’s story echoed in the hearts of those present, her journey stood as a testament to the power of Christ’s love. As she embarked on her new chapter in Australia, Siham carried with her not only her family but also the lessons and connections that had transformed her life in Lebanon. She will be testifying to all the amazing grace of Jesus Christ. 

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