Nourishment for His Soul (Lebanese Family – South)

Amid Lebanon’s enduring crises since 2019, public sector retirees and employees have borne the brunt of economic turmoil as their salaries lost value due to the steep devaluation of the Lebanese currency.

In this challenging backdrop we find Asaad, a Lebanese army retiree hailing from the Christian village of “Al-Hajjeh” in South Lebanon. His life underwent a profound transformation, thanks to the unwavering support of Heart for Lebanon.

Asaad faced dire circumstances exacerbated by the economic crisis and the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. His source of income was compromised, intensifying his daily struggle to provide for both himself and his family. It was during these trying times that Asaad’s life took a turn for the better, all thanks to a compassionate friend from his region who introduced him to Heart for Lebanon.

Through this introduction, Asaad discovered a world of support and solidarity that he had not known before. “Heart for Lebanon assisted us with vital food provisions. They visited us regularly, offering both sustenance and emotional comfort. We are so thankful.”

The impact of Heart for Lebanon on Asaad’s life extended far beyond food assistance. He began attending Bible studies with fervor and became a devoted member of the Hope Evangelical Church, eagerly participating in Sunday services. These spiritual engagements marked the commencement of a profound spiritual journey for Asaad, nurturing a deeper and more intimate relationship with God, and a newfound understanding of Jesus Christ.

Asaad eloquently expressed, “I find immense joy in attending Bible studies, where I have delved deeper into the Scriptures and learned the profound significance of regular reading. My connection with Jesus Christ has grown immensely, allowing me to explore His life and teachings more thoroughly. I now relish the opportunity to engage in discussions about Bible stories and explore the questions that arise within me.”

Yet, Heart for Lebanon’s impact on Asaad transcended the spiritual realm; it breathed life into his social connections. Isolation due to COVID-19 and the economic turmoil had taken a toll on his social life, but through Bible studies, he forged meaningful connections with others. Asaad exclaimed, “I’ve encountered wonderful individuals who have become my friends, and I’ve rekindled my bonds with the people from my hometown. We now attend church together, and I’ve grown closer to my own family.”

For Asaad, coming to know Christ as His Savior also transformed him into a more sociable, loving, and compassionate individual. He internalized values that have made him a better person and have bestowed upon him a profound sense of inner peace. In Heart for Lebanon, he discovered not only sustenance for his body but also nourishment for his soul and a vibrant community that has revitalized his life.

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