One Year Earthquake Update

It was early in the morning on February 6, 2023, that a 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked southeast Turkey near the Syrian border, with thousands of aftershocks.

Inside Syria, the earthquake and the aftershocks caused wide-spread devastation which intensified the challenges faced by an already vulnerable population.

The world, rightfully so, focused on Turkey. Heart for Lebanon’s Hope Evangelical Church focused on the unimaginable trail of destruction and human suffering in Northwest Syria. Partnering with local churches so they could continue to learn and use our unconditional, holistic ministry.  We helped each of our partner churches in Syria minister to numerous families. Some families left Syria and came to Lebanon where we did our best to minister to them as well. A number are in our programs today.

In 2024, we continue to serve partner churches reaching their communities who are still feeling the effects of the earthquake. Helping the churches grow a compassion ministry and sharing the love of Jesus Christ in this part of Syria has been a tremendous, unexpected blessing for our church family in Zahle, Lebanon.

Food Packages – 2250
Jackets – 1350
Hats – 500
Scarfs – 500
Socks – 500
Blankets – 12500
Hygiene Kits – 3150
Layettes – 1380
Care Packages – 700
School Kits – 500
Adult Diapers – 2200
Baby Diapers – 600
Books – 550
Bibles – 416
CDs – 90

A huge thank you to those who helped by investing in the Earthquake Program. For answers to any questions you may have on the earthquake or how Heart for Lebanon has been helping families, reach out to Tom Atema at