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Mohamad D. is a 37-year-old Kurdish Syrian man who moved to Lebanon from Aleppo, Syria by bus four years ago with his family.  Mohamad’s family is composed he, his wife, and their four children.  His eldest son is in Germany. One of his other sons lives with them at home and is epileptic.  This son, Shiar, is always nervous but when the Heart for Lebanon team is visiting with their family Shiar is always smiling.  Mohamad told us that Shiar feels happy when he sees the team. Hevene, one of the daughters is coming to our Bible Study session on a regular basis and when she was asked about how she feels during and after the session, she replied “I feel comfortable and peaceful. I used not to forgive others easily, but now after knowing Jesus I can forgive everybody.”

Since the Heart for Lebanon team has established relationships with everyone in this family, Mohamad was not afraid to ask them many questions regarding Islam and what he should be doing now that he believes in Jesus. The Heart for Lebanon team talked to him about his new life in Jesus and how to be a witness for others. At the end of the visit the team prayed and asked Jesus to enter their life more and more.