Overcomplicating Generosity

We are all faced with a multitude of different things that are competing for our attention and so we have become prone to falling into that trap of stretching ourselves too thin and saying yes to one more thing that we think will define what we stand for and contribute to the “legacy” we want to build for ourselves. This sentiment is most certainly true in the West and in other areas of the world where time is of the essence and name recognition has become the gold standard. For individuals and families living in a state of extreme vulnerability and sudden spiritual and physical poverty, time seems to have halted quickly and the days are long reminding many of the state of despair they are confronted with. This latter reality is what most of the people living in Lebanon are facing.

Legacy planning, and future strategic thinking among Christians in Lebanon has become extremely rare because of the imminent physical needs that need to be met. Surprisingly though, the exact opposite mindset can be found at both of Heart for Lebanon’s Hope Evangelical Churches (Zahleh & Ghazieh). In a recent conversation with our lead pastors of each respective church, they expressed their admiration for those living out their faith generously through the life of the church in different forms but most surprisingly in their commitment to tithe from what little they have. With no resources or planning guides to help them plan out their finances, individuals who have been touched by the ministry of Heart for Lebanon and have been transformed by the Hope that is found in Christ have been worshiping with their resources for greater Kingdom impact.

Hearing our pastors share story after story of the difficult situations that the families endure is a testimony of their simple act of obedience toward God’s commandment of giving Him what He has blessed us with. Heart for Lebanon is a ministry that believes in the transformative power of the Gospel when spoken in the context of a credible relationship to make disciples of Jesus Christ. One of our core beliefs is to add value to the people we serve. By adding value to them with a message of Christ’s Hope, they are leaving a Legacy that will change the Kingdom here on earth and in heaven. Likewise, when we slow down and realize that leaving an earthly legacy is not about our material possessions and that generosity has only become complicated because of competing earthly desires, we are able to leave a Christ-centered legacy.

For our partners and friends who live in the United States, Heart for Lebanon has partnered with Financial Planning Ministries (FPM), a trusted Christian nonprofit organization that serves over 150 ministry partners. FPM and Heart for Lebanon both believe in Christ-centered stewardship. By advocating for Christ-centered stewardship and responsible estate planning, FPM has helped individuals protect their resources from going to probate and has directed an estimated two billion dollars towards Christian organizations through planned giving.

If you would like to learn more about this partnership and what it can mean for you, please reach out to May-Lee Melki Constantine at

Together we are leaving a Legacy in the form of a generation of disciples who will positively impact Lebanon and the region to reflect the love of Christ.

May-Lee Melki Constantine
Strategic Engagement Manager