People Are Our Most Appreciable Asset

We understand that this statement may not be the norm in faith-based organizations.  Nevertheless, it is a true statement in business and, as a faith-based organization, most of what a faith-based organization possesses goes down in value. Facilities deteriorate, equipment becomes out of date, supplies get used up, etc. – you get the picture.

What asset has the greatest potential for actually going up in value? People! People are of tremendous value to God; after all He sent His son to die for them. People who are followers of Jesus Christ then have to deal with a stewardship issue and a growth issue. People can only grow if they are valued, challenged, and developed by someone capable of investing in them to help them grow.  People don’t appreciate automatically or grow accidentally. Growth occurs only when there is intentional focus on someone by someone bigger than themselves.

This is why we use the term “invest”.  We want you to become a part of the Heart for Lebanon ministry by intentionally focusing prayers and financial gifts to help others grow.  We believe the people we serve will give you a ROI, a return on your investment, and do so exponentially by the life they live once they meet Jesus.

When people like you invest in others, rather than “give or donate”, everything goes to the next level. How? Because when you move beyond thinking about production to thinking about how you can help restore hope in people/individuals by helping improve their lives in Jesus Christ – then you tap into their potential.  Your potential + their potential = exponential possibilities!  A good friend of our ministry put it this way, “Following Jesus will make your life better and then you will have a better life.”

We invest time with transactional relief, relational engagement, and leading people to the transformation process because we value them and believe God has something far better for them.  Thank you for investing.

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