How You Can Pray For Lebanon

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”
– Psalms 119:105 (NKJV)

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Spiritual formation is the means to the end of all that Heart for Lebanon does. It’s our passion to see others schooled in the ways of Christ and to see changed behaviors of women, men, children, and families who were once living in darkness and now have opportunity to live with direction and purpose. Over 1500 individuals attend one of our bible studies each month.

What You’ve Made Possible:

At one of our Summer of Hope Bible studies, Nada shared with our team “There are no words or expressions that can describe how happy I feel and how much I’m learning and progressing because of the Bible Club program. At the club, I forget everything around me, I forget my worries and just focus on God. Through the program, I learned how to pray and talk to God. Some of my friends still feel reluctant to pray, but I love to pray because God deserves to be thanked and glorified. Also, I must confess my sins to Him. After all, I am sharing my thoughts and feelings with God, not with others. The team taught us to thank God daily in all times and circumstances. Since then, I started thanking God on my good and bad days. I always try to apply what I learn to my life.”

Here are opportunities to pray for and support:

  • Pray for Nada to grow in her faith and that her prayer life would be meaningful.
  • Pray for the many bible studies done each month, reaching over 1500 attendees.
  • Pray for “Summer of Hope”, with a goal to reach 2500 at-risk children.
  • Be thankful for our church partners and investors who come along side Heart for Lebanon to see the kingdom of God established in the lives of refugees and poor Lebanese families.

As a praying partner, we ask you to consider posting these updates and prayer needs in your church bulletin, Sunday school classes, at home bible studies groups, and on your social media platforms.