Pray for Lebanon

September Prayer Points

Prayer Focus: Education Programs

Our education programs provide the opportunity for our Team to build deep and lasting relationships with the families we serve.

Education with Heart for Lebanon ranges from literacy programs with adults to non-formal education centers for children to Missional Leadership Development for 116 adults who are being discipled and eduated to lead in their camps and become disciple makers. These programs allow us to reach people ages 5 to 60+ with access to quality biblical based education. Two H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Centers are providing opportunities for teachers reach 300 students from grades 1 to 5 with Christian character traits, English, math, and science. Another 50 students are receiving scholarships and attend higher grades at one of the local Christian schools in the area.

Here is a story you helped make possible:

Hassan is in 5th grade and is hardworking and serious when it comes to his education. Throughout the year fear became a struggle for Hassan. However, listening to his teachers’ voice messages, that always encouraged Hassan, was eye opening for his mother.

She said, “When I heard how you were so patiently correcting his mistakes but encouraging him and pointing out the good in his work, I was amazed because we never thought or knew that this is how it should be. My husband is a Sheikh, he is strict and wants everything perfect, in which he pressures our children to work hard, but it has led to fear.”

The teachers had a chance to talk to the father and understand his way of dealing with his children’s education. By the end of this call, both teachers and parents agreed to help Hassan by supporting and encouraging him. The father also mentioned that there are many international organizations that visit their camp and offer help, but Heart for Lebanon has done it differently and he appreciates that.

Here are opportunities to pray for and support:

1. Pray for Hassan and his family and many like them, that they grow in her faith as the teachers also educate the parents.
2. Please pray for the nation of Lebanon as conditions in country are deteriorating quickly, leading to electrical blackouts, no access to fuel, water shortages, etc. Many
schools and hospitals have been forced to shut down as a result.
3. Our Literacy programs in the South and the Bekaa valley where women are learning how to read their Bible and understand English.
4. Pray for the opportunity to enroll another 75 students into our H.O.P.E. program by the end of this year, reaching more for Christ.
5. Pray for the staff, teachers, coordinators and pastors that help us faithfully each week to see many educated and taught about following Christ.
6. Be thankful for our in-country leadership as they provide hope in the midst of despair.