Praying for America


Following the news out of America triggered a wide range of emotions as I processed what I was seeing. Glued to the TV, I could not help but feel your nation’s pain and suffering. With a heavy heart I am praying for you and for America this morning.

I am praying for America – May God grant your leaders Heavenly wisdom from above. May your leaders find ways to replace injustice with equality to all and to replace fear and anger with unity and healing. I am praying for the leaders of the free world. What they do today will have impact for generations to come. The world is watching. All countries have their own problems for sure. If America knows how to address hers, the world will have a model to replicate. People around the globe are yearning for peace and for freedom. America can, like before, lead the world into a better future. I am praying your leaders can step up and seize the opportunity to build a better America and a model for a better world. 

I am praying for the Church in America – May God’s Church be this lighthouse that shines love, forgiveness, and acceptance to all. I am praying for the Church in America to be a beacon of hope in the midst of despair. I have first experienced that love and this hope when I came to the States as a teenager fleeing war, death, and destruction. I entered your country full of rage, hatred, brokenness, and anger. It was the Church in America who taught me how to forgive, how to accept others, and how to celebrate diversity. The years I spent studying at a Christian college and worshiping in an American church formed my character of today. I owe it to God’s people in your country for the changed man I am and I pray that the many who live in despair today in America will find, through the Church, that hope that is in Christ and in Christ alone.

I am praying for you – for strength, boldness, and for courage. I am praying that you will always find courage to speak against injustice, boldness to stand for what is right and honoring to God, and strength to persevere in times of crises. I am praying that your Christ-like compassionate heart will not be discouraged by what you are experiencing today but rather that it will motivate you to be Christ’s agent of change. I am praying that your love to God and your love to your country will be prevalent and sufficient to attract others to the God of Love and the God of Hope.   

I am praying for the day we will celebrate together the good things that will come out of these challenges you are now experiencing. I am praying for the day when justice, unity, and equality prevail and for the day when everyone in America will feel safe, valued, and appreciated.

This is my prayer for you and for America this morning. 

Many blessings,


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