Rebuilding a Home

In the southern region of Lebanon, Joyce lives with her husband and four children. Their home, like many others in Lebanon, faces a common issue: water leakage during the winter months. The culprit? Poor construction materials and the absence of a waterproofing layer on the roof. This leads to humidity and cracks in the walls, posing a serious threat to their safety.

Joyce’s husband, a soldier in the Lebanese army, earns a modest income. With four children to support, he struggles to cover all their needs, let alone the expenses for home repairs. Joyce, dedicated to caring for her children, cannot work outside the home.

Their plight is worsened by the economic crisis gripping Lebanon, making it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Paying bills and meeting monthly expenses has become a daunting challenge. Joyce’s husband shared “I work for a small monthly salary, so I cannot afford all the needs of my family nor the costs of the house maintenance, especially since we have four children. It is very difficult to pay the bills.”

Despite their troubles, Joyce and her family maintain a strong bond with H4L. Joyce faithfully attends Lebanese bible studies organized by the organization, doing her best to avoid skipping any sessions.

The launch of Heart for Lebanon’s 2024 home maintenance program represented a new hope for the family. The program targets families living in inadequate housing conditions. When learning of Joyce’s family’s struggles, our team sprang into action, inspecting the house and identifying exterior issues that needed urgent attention.

But their challenges don’t end there. With the added burden of school fees for their children, the family faces yet another obstacle. Fortunately, Heart for Lebanon steps in once again, providing scholarships that enable the children to attend school.

Grateful for the support they’ve received, Joyce expresses her heartfelt thanks to Heart for Lebanon, “You have built my house both physically and spiritually. I am forever grateful.” She shared that the scholarships have eased their financial burden, while the home maintenance work ensures a safe and leak-free winter. With Heart for Lebanon by their side, Joyce and her family can face the future with renewed hope, safety, and stability.