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Relief and Community Care

This initiative is designed to meet the immediate physical needs of marginalized and rejected people groups living in Lebanon. After assessing an individual’s or family’s needs, we provide monthly food hygiene distributions designed to supplement what they already have for up to 12 months.  Based on need, we also provide other tangible small household items like – small wood stoves, winter clothes, blankets, and clean water.  We don’t want to create dependency.  We want to fill a gap as we minister to and serve the people we encounter.

Each month the Heart for Lebanon Team touches the people we serve by visiting them in their “homes”. We can assess needs and then proceed to meet those needs in a customized way that will best help them overcome short and long term obstacles, whether it’s a need for more food, a child’s placement for education or getting their papers in order.  If Heart for Lebanon cannot meet those needs directly, the family is referred to an organization that can.  If a family seeks the assistance of an outside organization many times one of the Heart for Lebanon staff accompanies the family on the first visit to make sure the need is clearly articulated and met.

Showing this level of compassion and unconditional love for marginalized families not only builds a deep trust between our team and those we serve, but inevitably leads them to ask questions about our faith, our journey with them, why we serve and WHO we serve. This gives us the opportunity to share that we are driven by the compassionate heart of Jesus Christ because of what He has done for us.  It also gives us the opportunity to hand out Bibles, Christian books and to invite them to attend a Bible study group.

Heart for Lebanon is blessed to currently serve a total of 3,000 refugee and at-risk families throughout Lebanon on a monthly basis.