Locations We Serve


In Beirut, Heart for Lebanon is serving Iraqi and Syrian refugee families currently displaced and residing in poorer areas of the city. In addition to serving these groups, Heart for Lebanon also serves at-risk Lebanese students living in the city, many coming from difficult family backgrounds and unable to afford to go to school.

Bekaa Valley

Within the Bekaa Valley, Heart for Lebanon works with Syrian refugees from a variety of religious backgrounds. In Zahle, a Christian district within the Bekaa Valley, we work with Syrian refugee families including Armenian Christians, Assyrian Christians, Evangelical Christians, as well as Catholic and Maronite Christians. It is very important to note that many of these families are Christian in their legal identity only (i.e. their identification given by the government lists their religion as the religion that has been passed down through their family); this does not necessarily reflect a heart-knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Gospel.

Among the Muslim families that we serve in the Bekaa Valley, all are currently residing in tent settlements that have been established on fields and farming land. Heart for Lebanon also ministers to children from the Turkman community along with children from the Syrian community in the Bekaa Valley through our Children at Risk Initiative’s Non-Formal Education Program, which provides basic education to children who have not been in school for months or years because of their circumstances.

Southern Lebanon

In Southern Lebanon, Heart for Lebanon is serving the Syrian refugee community currently residing there (from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds). In addition to this community, we also care for Bedouin and Gypsy families through our Children at Risk Initiative, local schools, vocational training, as well as Bible studies and regular visitation.