Returning to God in Times of Trials

Through Heart for Lebanon’s Bible study program, a transformative journey unfolds for many people each month. Among the attendees is Samira, a 32-year-old Syrian woman from Aleppo, who resides in Southern Lebanon with her husband and young son, Ali.

Samira’s life has been fraught with hardships. Seven years ago, she heard about Heart for Lebanon through her neighbors. At that time she was going through a difficult divorce and struggling with various health problems. Despite the challenges, she managed to find hope and rebuild her life, eventually marrying her current husband in 2018. Their love bore fruit and God blessed them with their beloved son, Ali, who was now one year and seven months old.

Registered by Heart for Lebanon, Samira was invited to join their Bible study groups a year and a half ago, and she has been attending diligently ever since. Her journey to the center was not easy; she had to take a taxi and a bus, bringing little Ali along as her husband was always at work. Yet, the effort was worthwhile because the Bible studies offered her an opportunity to deepen her understanding of Christ.

For Samira, these gatherings were not just about learning but also about connecting with like-minded individuals who shared their faith journeys. She cherished the chance to participate actively and ask questions, knowing she had a supportive community to help her comprehend any concepts that eluded her.

The team played a vital role in Samira’s life. They had become her spiritual guides, offering a listening ear and support during challenging times. After each session, they would sit together and pray for Samira and her family, creating a sense of belonging and care that she had never experienced before.

Through these Bible studies Samira’s outlook on life and her relationships underwent a profound transformation. Despite the worsening living conditions and the stress that came with it, she learned to approach life with more calmness and patience. The once-frequent fights with her husband gave way to open communication and problem-solving. Samira’s newfound understanding of sin’s role in human suffering encouraged her to seek reconciliation rather than revenge, seeking to strengthen her relationship with God and with others.

As Samira reflected on her past, she revealed the haunting memories of a difficult childhood, marked by the loss of her mother and abusive treatment from the woman who raised her. Attending church and engaging in Bible studies helped her find peace and change her behavior positively. Samira felt comfortable sharing her struggles and feelings with the women at Heart for Lebanon, who not only prayed for her but also provided guidance and support.

The impact of Heart for Lebanon’s intervention extended beyond spiritual growth. Samira’s newfound faith and sense of empowerment motivated her to take care of her family diligently. 

Throughout her story, Samira expressed deep gratitude. “I thank Heart for Lebanon for providing me and many others with the opportunity to experience love, peace, and enriching knowledge. The organization had offered me a haven, a place of growth, and a chance to transform my life for the better.”

Samira’s journey exemplifies the power of love, faith, and community support. Through Heart for Lebanon’s Bible study program, countless lives are touched, and positive changes ripple through the hearts of individuals and their families, fostering hope in even the most challenging circumstances.


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